Do you want to improve and automate your
business processes?

Auto Tech Jaya helps businesses to automate, innovate and improve their processes as we contribute to create more time, efficiency and growth.

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We help to set up your company in a stable manner by documenting your business processes. This will keep your company in good shape over the long term.

Customized improvement

All business processes will be customized and improved which ensures they all run without any complications.

Saving costs

By letting us take care of all your business processes, you will save labor costs which allows you to invest in other parts of your business.

Saving time

By automating business processes you can save time which can be spent on other important matters.

Business growth

By allowing us to automate your business processes, we will assist you in making the right choices in order to grow your business sustainably.


Auto Tech Jaya helps improve, automate and document the processes in your business. We provide a customized manual of your business processes to ensure that the work you and/or your employees do is taken off your plate.


Order proces

Processing or confirming orders online for your business.

eMail confirmation

Send confirmation emails to customers or companies.

Excel sheets

Frequent delivery of customized excel sheets.


Send marketing emails to potential customers or companies.

Repeating tasks

Automating repetitive tasks or assignments.

Client information

Processing or supplying customer or company data.

Our rates

Auto Tech Jaya offers two different rates: a fixed rate and a monthly rate. The fixed rate is for customizing and documenting a manual for your business processes and the monthly rate is for automating and improving your business processes. We will consider in advance how we can improve these processes so that we can document them in the manual.

Please contact us what business processes you would like to have automated and request an invoice free of charge.

custom made Manual
starting price:


Having a clear overview of all your business processes

Improving and accelerating your business processes

Documenting all your business processes

Making a manual, workflow and a course for your business processes

Thinking along with the growth of your company

custom made Automation
starting price:



Automating your business processes

Daily, weekly or monthly execution of business processes

Providing feedback on the business processes performed

Keep improving the processes

Everything customized and made to suit your business perfectly

About Auto Tech Jaya

Auto Tech Jaya stands for: Automatic Technology Service and is a corporation based in Indonesia, which focuses on improving, innovating and automating companies’ business processes around the world. We have a professional team, whom concentrate on the overall improvement and acceleration of your business processes. Our employees’ experience optimizes our ability to assist you in automating your business processes.  Our employees are trained and specialized to satisfy your business needs.

Applications we work with

Applications we work with


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